Pricelist for Pharmacy Stores and Supermarkets


You are entitled to 2% discount only if full payment is made before supply or at the point of supply.

Our Proposal

While we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, kindly note our proposal which is subject to consideration by both parties:

  • For no reason should our product packaging be tampered before sale;
  • Products will be supplied to you at wholesale price;
  • Please, no room for “sales or return (SOR)”;
  • Payment must be made in full before supply or at the point of supply to enjoy 2% discount;
  • The latest duration for payment completion after supply is 3 weeks (without discount);
  • Products supplied in good conditions are not returnable;
  • Placing adverts on our products will be welcome. Please, get us pre-informed to ensure compliance with our company’s core values.
  • These principles can be changed or amended upon prior notice and subsequent agreement of both parties;
  • We’ll promote your business by adding you to our adverts list.

Form for Pharmacy Stores and Supermarkets